"Thank you for buying our product. Turn on your Master X-Ray Vision as we pay tribute to the TaskMaker Team!" - In-game description

The acknowledgments is a level that is opened up after defeating the TaskMaker. The door to the location opens up in the room behind the throne. It features a conveyor belt ride that introduces the creators and contributors of TaskMaker, and also features a special thanks section for people who helped create the game.

In Tomb of the TaskMaker, the acknowledgment levels is present again, featuring a large number of NPCs from the game, with nonstandard speech text congratulating you on completing the game.

The NPCs in this level will also provide you with a number of special "other" spells.




Sprawling wall quotes read:

  • "TaskMaker is dedicated to my mother, Martie Cook; A true individual!"

A secret passage to the east reveals these inspirational quotes:

    • "Be Yourself!"
    • "Have Faith"
    • "You are not a number!"
    • "Hold on tight to your dreams"
    • "You listen to your own heart! Thump Thump Thump Thump Bye"

The main passage reads:

  • "The Taskmaker Team"
    • "Illustrations by Tom Zehner" (a "Julie's Whip" is also in Tom's space, possibly a tribute to his wife.)
    • "Arbalest Fierce Fold and Friendship by Dan Schwimmer Zelphon Ki" (a "Zelphon's Mace" is also in Dan's space.)
    • "Manual and game editor Dave Friedman (a "Mac SE" is also in Late Night Dave's space.)
    • "Major testing thanks to Chris Webb
  • "Thank You"
    • "Our first V2.0 customer: Chuck Curtis 10-10-1993 Fax Calif"
  • "Thank Yous to:"
    • "Bill Jahnel"
    • "Bo Lindbergh"
    • "Steven Hill"
    • "Rod Whitten"
    • "Troy Janisch"
    • "AOL"
    • "CGR"
    • "Macgalaxy"
    • "Woz"

"Mom" is written in tiles above "mother" at the border.

Map for Acknowledgments in Tomb of the TaskmakerEdit