Some of the armor available in the game.

Armor consists of items the player wears on his person to gain various boosts (or reductions) in stats. The slots for armor include the head, neck, chest, back, wrists, hands, waist, fingers, hands, and feet.

Armor listEdit

The following is a list of Armor available to the player.

Chest Armor- Armor worn on the chest. The first piece of armor recieved in the game, the cloth armor, is worn on the chest.

Cloth armor
Padded armor
Leather armor
Studded armor
Cured leather
Banded armor
Chain mail
Strip mail
Bronze chain mail
Silver chain mail
Elven chain mail
Plate mail
Silver plate mail
Gold plate mail
Elven plate mail
Living Armor
Guardian Armor

Helmets- Worn on the head.
Mind helm
Bronze helmet
Silver helmet
Gold helmet
Lancelot Helm

Boots- Worn on the feet.
Leather boots
Boots o' agility
Elven boots
Stomping Boots
Boots o' speed

Gloves- Worn on the hands
Leather gloves
Guiding gloves

Belts- Worn around the wrists
Belt o' strength
Belt o' agility
Sinbad's Belt

Bracers- Worn around the wrists
Silver bracers
Gold bands
Sonic Bracers

Shields- Worn on the hand, but function as armor instead of a weapon.
Small shield
Oval shield
Bronze shield
Silver shield
Gold shield
Scaled shield
Sphere Shield
Zoom Shield

Amulets- Worn around the neck.
Banded necklace
Amulet o' will
Amulet o' good
Strength Amulet
Spark Chain

Cloaks- Worn on the back.
Enhanced cloak
Leather cloak
Cursor's cloak
Elven cloak
Invisible cloak
Stealth Cloak
Vision Cloak

Rings- Worn on the fingers. Generally don't improve armor stat, instead offering different status effects.
Blindness ring
Starving ring
Rich ring
Protection ring
Agility ring
Hide but heal ring
Regeneration ring
Haste Ring
Amber ring
Food Ring
Invisibility Ring
Gold protection ring
Vapor Ring
Improved Regenerate
Hercules ring
Repulsion Ring
X-Ray Ring
Power Regeneration

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