Castle Hall

Castle Hall Overview

Moving - Entering Castle Hall

Castle Hall loading screen

Castle Hall is the central location of the game, and the residence of The TaskMaker.

Upon arriving at Outer Terra in the beginning of the game, the player must first go to Castle Hall and talk to The TaskMaker before progressing. The TaskMaker will then state the mission. After retrieving the item requested of the TaskMaker, the player must return it to him in Castle Hall, where they will then be told which item to retrieve next, and where to find it.

Throughout the game, the player may return to Castle Hall to purchase items from the many shops available. Castle Hall is also an ideal place to heal the player, as the few monsters within it are either not angered, or hidden within the much harder to access inner sanctums.

A major secret is that the center fountain contains a stealth boomerang or other powerful / valuable weapon.

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