To invoke a spell, hit shift-O. This will open up a menu that allows you to type in special spells that may come in handy throughout the game. Here is the list of known spells:

Name of spell Result
Danilaniloudoff Toggles the movement sounds
Dark Glasses Accesses a hidden options menu
  • Action identifies if nothing else to do.
  • Save character whenever entering or exiting.
  • Don't say "Oooph" when a player runs into a wall; It really bugs me.
  • Wandering monsters (cheater!)
  • Movement sounds. Turn off to walk faster. (Same as Dan Schwimmer's invoke spell.)
Eggs Displays "Why did you say eggs?"
Faux Pas Generates a healing shop
Fuck Sends player to Hell
Gamble Gambles the player's money
Headoff Deactivates a force field if the player is facing one
Heal Replenishes Health bar by 50% of Food bar
Home Return to docks in Outer Terra
Info Displays the info text that appears whenever a town is entered
Kill Kills an opponent (only accessible after beating the game)
Kiss Me Says "Aw, how sweet" when used on most NPCs; decreases Spirit and displays "You should seek professional help" if used on a Guard or monster
Memory Displays system information
Monster Generates a monster
Multisound Displays whether multisound (ability to play multiple sound effects at once) is on or off.
Use "Multisound on" or "Multisound off" to toggle.
Pronto Generates a key shop
Psycheup Claims to "psyche up" the player but decreases the Spirit bar
Refresh Refreshes the screen
Restart Place Resets the current location to its "original" state
Restart World Resets all locations to their "original" state
Rock and Roll Increases Strength and Agility bars but decreases Stamina
Shit Sends player to Hell
TaskMaker "TaskMaker" sound from game's opening plays
Teleport Teleports the player (only accessible after beating the game)
Version Displays the game's version
Wavy Davy Generates a ship if the player is facing water.
This spell does not work in Castle Hall, instead displaying the message "We do not tolerate that here!"
This is to prevent players from shortcutting to the stealth boomerang in the center fountain.
Who Displays the first names of the programmers

Verson 2.2.1 of the game accidentally left in a test spell called "Starlight Dessert", which brought up a "Wish for Any Object" window. Using this spell on later versions sends the player to Hell and force-quits the game.

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