Other items

Some of the items in the game.

Items are objects the player can pick up that serve some purpose throughout the game.

Item typesEdit

Items come in a variety of types, depending on their function, as follows.

  • Armor- The player wears this to take less damage from combat and gain status effects.
  • Weapons- The player uses this to deal damage to enemies.
  • Light sources- These are items that allow the player, when held, to see in dark areas.
  • Consumables- This includes scrolls, food, beer, and potions. Scrolls and potions imbue some magical effect on the player, while food keeps the player's health bar up, and beer simply makes the player drunk, while offering a slight XP increase.
  • Money- This can be turned in to an ATM to add to the player's amount of money.
  • Other items- Items that serve no point save to sell, or in some cases, can be very important to the plot.
  • Key Items- These are items the taskmaker requests of the player.
  • Magic menu items- Items that can normally not be picked up, like toilets.

Key ItemsEdit

The following are the items the Taskmake requests of you.

  • Package
  • Chessboard
  • Sterling Chalice
  • Magic Book
  • Taskmaker's Possessions
  • Coat of Arms
  • A head
  • King's Bones
  • King's Crown

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