Moving - Exiting to Outer Terra

Transition screen to Outer Terra

The adventure begins… You've been on a long voyage from your homeland. You have come to rid this land of its terrors, and grow to be leader of this world. The elders and citizens are expecting a mighty warrior to attend to their cries. Unfortunately, you are young and inexperienced. However, a powerful man named the TaskMaker has agreed to help you grow stronger. Follow the cobblestone path south to Castle Hall, where the TaskMaker awaits you. Good luck!

Outer Terra is the land in which TaskMaker is set. It is home to all the villages, dungeons, and caves which will be visited within the game, along with various "extra" places to explore.

Outer Terra is also the only section of the game to feature no NPCs.


Outer Terra full map

Full map of Outer Terra

Locations in Outer TerraEdit

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