Skysail Village

Skysail Village Overview

Moving - Entering Skysail Village

Skysail Village loading screen

Skysail Village is the first town visited in the game. It is located northwest of Castle Hall. Upon first visiting, the player has to retrieve a special package for the TaskMaker.

Skysail is also one of the smallest villages in the game, consisting only of five "buildings". The bottom-left one conceals two Goblins and a pair of gloves; the bottom-middle one conceals several NPCs, two more Goblins plus a small supply of weapons; the top-middle one contains the infamous "2 DIG" shovel room (text walls removed in v2.0.1 and above), a wand, a sword and a Centipede; the upper-right one conceals more monsters plus an Auto Teller; and the bottom right one reveals a path to the TaskMaker's package.

The path to the goal is revealed by tripping floor switches in a certain order, then turning off a force field. Inside this chamber are two White Gargoyles.

Hidden areasEdit

  • There are two small islands at the top of the village:  On the first is a Stealth Boomerang, but it's not visible from the shore - it must be reached by summoning a ship.  The second island can be seen from the shore, and holds a Halt Time scroll guarded by a Kobold Master. A player could kill the Kobold with ranged weapons and use the Grasp spell to retrieve the items, or take a summoned ship to reach it physically.  
  • In the upper-right building, there is a hidden sub-room containing a large amount of treasure and a very powerful monster (Killer Rabbit). This room is only accessible via Ethereal Potion or Passwall.  With X-ray vision, one could also Grasp the treasure, avoiding a tough fight. 

"This happy little village has prospered for many years under the kindness of the castle to the west. You may want to come back here someday." - In-game description