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Taskmaker is an RPG developed by Storm Impact. In 1989 it was published by XOR corporation, later a full color shareware version was released in 1993. It was only released on Macintosh operating systems. You may have heard of it, you may have not, but this little RPG and its sequel remain as old school favorites among many veteran Mac users. Its challenging gameplay, quirky characters, and enormous world make for fun times and a unique experience... At least for the early 90's anyway. Please feel free to add and edit pages so this wikia can grow and eventually be the #1 source for all your Taskmaker needs. Keep Taskmaker alive!


You are a young hero who aspires to be the leader of the land. The Taskmaker is your mentor and is the current leader of the land; he gives you ten tasks to complete in order to show your competence and to potentially become the leader.

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  • discussion page Talk:Castle Hall
    new comment by Germboy7
    Comment: That's a relief!
  • discussion page Talk:Castle Hall
    new comment by Metalslug53
    Comment: No, actually. I wanted to represent the entire map without NPCs scattered about all over the place. I edited them out purposefully. ^-^
  • edit Quietwater
    edited by Metalslug53 diff
    Summary: Added map of Quietwater.
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Castle Hall
    new comment by Germboy7
    Comment: I find it disturbing as hell that the castle hall map has no wandering NPCs in it. Someone went to town with the kill spell?

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