A collection of some of the weapons available in the game.

Weapons are items the players can use to damage monsters. They come in a number of varieties, each of which having their own benefits and drawbacks.

Melee weaponsEdit

Melee weapons allow players to attack any creatures next to themselves. They include swords, axes, maces, and other implements. The general progression in strength corresponds often to the value of the metal, with a generic sword being a starting weapon, followed by a silver sword, gold sword, etc. There are also weapons that break this mold, such as the silver broad sword or Vorpal Blade.

Below is a list of the melee weapons available to the player in the game.

Swords- In most cases swords are single handed weapons. A few notable sowrds include the Vorpal Blade, which can be found behind the Taskmaker's inner Sanctum, and the Silver Broad sword, which is gifted to the player early on.

Short sword
Bastard sword
Broad sword
Long sword
Bronze sword
Two handed sword
Silver sword
Silver Broad sword
Silver long sword
Gold sword
Two handed long sword
Gold broad sword
Gold long sword
Sword o' Power
Slay Blade
Gilded Saber
Vorpal Blade

Axes- Similar to swords.
Silver axe
Two handed axe
Amber Axe

Maces- Similar to swords
Rubber mace
Gold mace
Zelphon's Mace

Hammers- Hammers are notable in that you can throw them as well as attack directly. When they hit, they will fall to the ground in front of the monster they hit if thrown. Picking it up or grasping it will cause it to be returned to the character's hand. A notable example is Chris' Hammer, which can be obtained early in the game.
Maxwell's Hammer
Chris' Hammer

Knives- Knives are similar to hammers, save that they do not return when thrown.
Butter knife
Bronze dagger
Silver dagger
Gold dagger
Vidair's dagger

Scythes-Similar to swords.
Reaper's Scythe

'Picks'- Similar to swords

Shovels-Notable in that it allows the player to dig up buried items.


Joke weapons- The fly swatter is not as effective against the fly swarm as you would think.
Fly swatter
Two handed swatter
10 meter cattle prod

Forks-Generic melee weapons.
Military fork
Spiked Devil's fork

Whips-Similar to swords.
Black leather whip
Julie's Whip

Clubs-Notably, Tschida's Club allows you to see through walls.
Big club
Really big club
Tschida's Club

Light sources- While technically not weapons, can be held. They create light for the player and are extremely useful in dark areas.

Banded TorchEdit
Sight lanternEdit
Holy lightEdit

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Ranged weapons allow players to attack an enemy at a distance or at point blank, but can only fire in a single direction. They include bows, wands, and similar ranged weapons.

Different ranged weapons will have different behaviors. For example, a dagger is a weapon that can be used as both a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, but upon throwing it, it will fall to the ground in front of the monster it hit. If it falls into water, it is lost forever. Wands have limited uses, and while doing massive amounts of damage in comparison with normal weapons, will be used up after a few charges. Bows can fire infinitely, not requiring ammunition, but often require two hands. Boomerangs and certain hammers can also be thrown or used in melee, much like the dagger, but upon a successful hit, will return to the player.

Below is a list of ranged weapons available to the player:

Slings- Sends single projectiles out. Unlimited ammunition.

Wooden slingshot

Blowguns-Sends single projectiles out. Unlimited ammunition.

Pea shooter
Blow gun
Gold blow gun

Darts-Can be thrown once, afterwards they must be recalled.
Poison darts

Bows-Unlimited ammunition, but requires two hands.

Short bow
Long bow
Bronze bow
Heavy bow
Heavy crossbow
Silver bow
Gold crossbow
Energy Bow
Accurate Bow
Guided Bow
Bow o' Slaying

Boomerangs- Can be thrown and will return to the player. Upon hitting they do not drop. There is a powerful boomerang in the castle hall.

Metal boomerang
Stealth boomerang
Guardian boomerang

Spears-Can be thrown once, and will not return until grabbed.
Steel spear
Shake spear
Javelin o' Pierce

Wands- Have a small number of charges, and after using will turn into a worthless stick and removed from the inventory.

Waste not, Wand not
Wand o' frost
Wand o' Fire
Wand o' lightning
Wand o' striking
Magic missile wand
Wand o' slaying

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